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Enhancing the lives of people through fragrance

I have a fourteen year old Son with Autism and ADHD, he is generally healthy, and has a love of music and sport. He is a natural athlete and excels at Rugby, Athletics and generally any sport he tries. He is adopted and born with drug addiction from his birth parents, so he has various medical conditions which are treatable. His Autism is his, and ours as parents biggest challenge, he takes daily medication and his behaviour can be very challenging.

We have tried many things to help him with his conditions, having extensive fragrance knowledge, I had read about trials in the UK and USA; these trials stated that fragrance oils may help benefit children and adults on the autistic spectrum disorders. We gave him a room difussser and through trial and error we came across three main fragrances that clearly helped him relax, unwind and sleep. Over the next two years we researched trialled and tested various products, with the help of family and friends with similar conditions. This led us to create, and our range of organic essential oils, sprays,difussers and candles.