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Roller Ball Applicator - 10ml £4.95

£ 4.95


Roller Ball Applicator - 10ml Applied directly to your skin Please check your skin type for allergies.

Designed to be easy to use, portable and safe. Our range of exclusive organic essential oils are available in the list provided below.

Simply apply to your wrists, neck or feet to provide a soothing experience.

A beautiful mixture of blended oils, in a natural grapeseed oil carrier, these products can help with relaxation, stress and transition, learning, anxiety, depression, isolation. 

Lavender & Melissa
Lavender & Camomile
Lavender & Corriander
Thyme & Lemon
Peppermint & Lime
Grapefruit & Bergamot
Sweet Orange
Lemon Grass
Rhubarb & Ginger